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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Al 6061 Alloys Reinforced With Sic-Tio2

The material characteristics of Sic-Tio2 reinforced metal matrix composites made by powder metallurgy route were studied. This particulate reinforcement of metal matrix composites is an important to the development and application of these for structural use. Generally aluminium based composite materials has high strength to weight ratio, high hardness and good thermal conductivity for compared to other than materials. In this investigation, using numerical approach was used to correlate the characteristicsof materials and to illustrate the mechanical behavior of aluminiumalloys. Three dimensional models, simulations of the mechanical behavior under the tension, impact and double shear was performed. The metal matrix composites of test specimens are prepared with varying reinforcement ratio as 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% respectively. Tensile, impact, and double shear was investigated for the prepared specimens of MMC’s under the powder metallurgy route. It shows the effect of reinforcement increasing weight fraction. The microstructure was investigated depending upon the precipitation hardening. This present work for adding different fractions of reinforcement to achieve high hardness, tensile strength at environmental and working temperature.The numerical results were found good agreement with the experimental results. Keywords- MMC’s, Reinforcement, Microstructure, Finite element method.