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Experimental Investigation to Determine Influence of Process Parameters on Surface Quality and MRR in Wire Cut EDM

The objective of the present work is to investigate the effects of the various Wirecut EDM process parameters on the surface quality, maximum material removal rates and obtain the optimal sets of process parameters so that the quality and MRR of machined parts can be optimized. Experiments will be conducted on the pieces by parameters. The material used for machining is Aluminum alloy and the process parameters varied are Pulse Time on 110μsec, 109μsec, 108 μsec, Pulse Time off 60μsec, 61μsec, 61μsec and Peak Current180Amps, 170Amps, 160Amps. Wire Feed, ServoVoltage and Wire Tension are kept constant. The optimization is done by using Taguchi technique by considering L9 orthogonal array. Optimization is done using Minitab software.