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Investigation of Shape Memory Alloy Based Clamping Devices For Vibration Damping and Heat Dissipation in the Machining Operations

With the industrial revolution and increasing demands for products, a good throughput along with high accuracy, quality and finish is required. For achieving this, proper machine and components are required. For firm gripping of work pieces during various machining operations like grinding, drilling etc. a proper clamping device is mandatory so that the machining could be carried out properly and accurately. In this work, Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) is used to enhance the gripping capabilities of a clamping device. SMA is a great smart material in today’s world application. Here, we have presented a clamping device with a SMA cuboidal enclosure. The paper proposes the use of an SMA enclosure around the clamps which can be helpful for firm gripping of work pieces during high-speed operations. Along with damping out vibrations of the work piece, the enclosure will provide an aid in proper thermal distribution or heat dissipation of the heat produced in machining. We have presented vibrational and thermal analysis of the CAD model of our work. The results were remarkable as temperature reduced from 730c to 400c and vibrational frequencies came down from 20000Hz to 2100Hz. Keywords— SMA (Shape Memory Alloy), Enclosure, Parallel Clamp.