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Efficiency of Ventilation in Automotive Seat Cushion

The air flow rate of ventilated automotive seat was estimated. The air flow rate out of ventilation holes in pad foam was measured and then was compared with the analysis results. Because pad foam is made of a porous material, about 21.13% of air flow was lost when it passed through pad foam. The air flow which passed through pad foam then would pass through filter foam and seat cover. The air flow rate on the outer surface of seat cover was estimated using performance curve of fan and an airflow cone. Significant amount of air flow was lost on the way. A dummy which represents Hybrid III 50th percentile male by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) was used to simulate a real driving condition. Only 6.11% of air flow which was generated at fan finally reached a driver. Keywords- Pad Foam, Seat Cover, Seat Cushion, Ventilated Seat, Ventilation Hole