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Experimental Investigation of Cross-Flow Turbine

The purpose of this study is both to test the performance of a low cost cross-flow turbine and to study on the efficiency of a low cost cross-flow turbine. In this research the maximum effective head 4.79 m and maximum flow rate 5.65×10-3 m3/s were occurred at gate valve fully open. The speed of the turbine is between 89 and 163 rpm depending on the flow rate. The maximum shaft power is 236.66 W and the maximum generator output power is 143 W at the gate valve fully open condition. The other objective of this work is to characterize the two stage power transfer in the runner. Theoretically, the first stage contribute 76.2% to the total torque (or power) production while the second stage produce the remaining, 26.8%. The maximum overall efficiency is 57%. Index Terms- Cross-Flow Turbine, Effective Head, Efficiency Performance, Torque.