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Design, Construction and Performance Test of Cross-Flow Turbine

Myanmar is a developing country that has perennial rivers and topographies that are mountainous. Electricity is the main component to develop a country. Currently, 80% of the electricity is produced from the hydropower by using hydro turbines. For hilly regions, cross-flow turbine is the suitable type for producing electricity. The objective of this paper is to test the performance of the constructed cross-flow turbine and verify that all parts and systems installed in the cross-flow turbine are working fine and performing their functions correctly. Cross-flow turbines can be applied over a head range from less than 2 m to more than 100 m. A cross-flow turbine has been considered, designed and constructed based on design specification. The designed cross-flow turbine is capable of producing up to 300 W AC power at the head of 6 m and flow rate of 0.0091 m3/s. The performance test conducted at selected site location by changing the water flow rate and nozzle guide vane. Maximum efficiency was at middle position of nozzle guide vane with flow rate 0.0091 m3/s and producing 260W with efficiency 86%. Index Terms- construction, cross-flow turbine, design, hydropower, performance test