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Development of Friction Pad and Study of its Wear Characteristics

Friction Pads are most commonly used for stop the vehicle within smallest possible distance and this is done by converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat energy which is dissipated into the atmosphere. This report deals with a systematic approach for manufacturing methods of friction pad as well as its wear characteristics Hardness and Density. Metal powder’s types and characteristics play important role in manufacturing of friction pads. Manufacturing parameters i.e. moulding temperature, moulding pressure, and molding time required to be select properly to get good quality friction pads. In this study Taguchi technique has been used to study the parametric effect on quality. Friction pad wear reduce with increasing the sintering temperature and pressure. Quality of friction pad is predominately affected by moulding pressure. Quality of friction pad has been checked using hardness, density, and its wear resistance. Nomenclature:A:Temperature(c),B:Pressure(kg/cm 2 ),C:Time(min),D:Weight(gm),E:Length(mm),F:Density(g/cc 3 ),G:Hardne ss SS: Sum of square, MS: Mean square, F: variables, P: significance