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An Experimental Investigation On Characteristics Of Uppage Oil Methyl Ester Fuelled Dici Engine

In the present study, Uppage (Garcinia Cambogia) biodiesel and blended with high speed-diesel (HD) fuel in different proportions used as test fuels. This study evaluates the characteristics of a direct injection compression ignition (DICI) engine fuelled with Uppage oil methyl ester (UOME) blends (B20U-B100U) and HD under different loads (0%- 100%) and fuel injection pressures (FIP) of 200-240 bar at rated speed of 1500 rpm. B20U is observed to be an approximate best fuel among the test fuels. B20U showed improved performance within acceptable emission level such as HC, CO, NOx and smoke opacity at 240bar FIP and 80% load. Keywords— DICI, FIP, SIP, Smoke Opacity, UOME.