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Multi-Reservoir Operational Management for Optimal Electricity Production of Namkhan 2 and 3 Hydropower Plants

The objective of this research was to study the reservoir operation management for optimizing electricity production, reservoir control, and water supply to the downstream river. The two medium size hydropower plants located in northern Laos, which are Namkhan 2 and 3 hydropower plants, are the case study of this work. The multireservoir algorithms used are streamflow synthesis and reservoir regulation algorithm, and the improved particle swarm optimization algorithm for a long-term multi-reservoir system operation. The simulation software used is HECResSim3.1 and the input data used is the technical data of both power plants. The simulation results show that electricity generation is increased from 767.85 to 795 GWh/year, which is counted for 3.53% as compared to normal water year. The water released through the spillway in the rainy season decreases 404 million cubic meters for the averaged wet year. For the drought year, water of both hydropower plants can be managed to supply two more months for the power production purpose. Keywords— Multi-reservoir Management, Electricity Production, Operation, Optimization.