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Parameter Optimization of Sedan Cars for Proper Selection by MADM Technique

Automobile industry is the fastest growing industry today. In the competitive business the automobile companies have to pay attention for the cost of vehicle, its efficiency and service. Today, many auto makers are interested in the compatibility of standard vehicle for best performance so they can reign over the present market scenario. Among various important parameters which considered being very important for the best car, two most important primary parameters are safety and mileage for customers. Automotive lightweight is quite important and active demand, due to the requirements of automotive industry progress, energy saving and emission minimization. In this article, optimization of sedan cars for best performance is done with the help of multi attribute decision technique (MDAM) techniques which identify the different important parameters that have greatest influence on the performance of the sedan car and then optimize these parameters using numerical techniques for the optimum car design. Keywords— Optimization Technique, Sedan Car, Specification of Sedan Car, Customer Surve.