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Vibration Analysis of Smart Composite Laminate Plates Using Higher Order Theory

The present work develops an analytical solution based on higher order shear deformation theory for the piezoelectric laminated composite plates. In the Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory, the displacement model is considered in account for non linear variation of in plane and transverse displacements through the plate thickness .The major objective of present study is to determine the vibration characteristics of piezoelectric laminated plates with different lamination schemes ,degree of orthotropy and boundary conditions. The derivation of equation of motion of higher order model is obtained by using the principle of virtual work and the solutions are obtained by using Navier’s method. The results are computed and tabulated in non dimensional form for different modulus ratios, a/h ratios and voltages. Keywords— Piezoelectric laminated composite plates, Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory, principle of virtual work, Navier solutions.