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Experimental Studies on Hybrid Epoxy Matrix Composite

Jute and sisal fibers are the most potential natural fibers to produce composites currently used for industrial structures and as bio-materials. In the present investigation jute and sisal fibrous mat is reinforced in an epoxy matrix by manual layup technique to produce a hybrid composite. The composite is tested for tensile strength and impact strength. The fabricated composite with [0 0 /0 0 ] orientation of fibers exhibited higher tensile strength than that of composite with [0 0 /90 0 ] orientation of fibers.The energy absorbing capacity of later was high than the former type of composite. The scanning electron microscopy image of thefractured specimensrevealed that de-bonding between fiber matrix interface and void nucleation growth are the major factors influencing failure of the material. key words- jute fiber, sisal fiber, hand layup, impact and void nucleation