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Design and Implementation of Mechatronics Based Vending System

Automation system has become a vital component of industries and assembling plants in ensuring increased productivity and managing growing demands. Vending machines are one of the advanced versions of automated single-line vending machines that meet up industrial requirements in the modern consumer market. Nevertheless, the usage of multi-line vending machines has been very limited to selected industries. Thus, this project aims to introduce an automation system which dispenses a variety of products and focuses on different levels of consumer markets. What makes this project unique or different from traditional vending machines is that this will take the concept of customer-centric marketing to another level by dispensing a range of products at the doorstep through an automation system. This system comprises of two major components, namely, computational and mechanical electronics. Once the requirements are entered into the system, a communication will be sent to the microcontroller which activates the mechanical actuators. Once the requirements are entered into the computer system, the system will check the availability of the required product and notify the customer. Once the payment is made the transaction will be completed and a receipt will be generated. When the transaction is completed the computer system will communicate with microcontroller by sending commands based on the coordinates and quantity of the required product through a serial port. Microcontroller will activate the belt-drive and power screw and set the endefector to the appropriate coordinates. Position of the endefector(jamming gripper) is monitored by a sensor. Based on the given coordinates the endefector will place the required product on the convey belt, which will move the products to a designated spot with a weighing sensor, where the system will check whether the weight of the products entered tally with the weight of the products picked to ensure that the procurement order is met. Then the order will be sent to the vending dispenser. Continuous tests and research will be conducted to guarantee that the objectives of the design are met and further developments are introduced. Keywords- Actuators, Computation,Passive universal jamming gripper