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A Characterization of Thin Film Ferrites Bam and YIG

A new microwave electronic technology challenges require integration of many passive components on chip. Among them, isolators and circulators are non reciprocal passive devices which contain magnetic materials. It is important to know the magnetic properties. The permeability tensor is the most impotant parameter to define, because it governs the interactions between the wave and the material, origine of all magnetic phenomenons. Our study consists in characterization of thin film of bam and yig over frequency range of 0.4 to 65 ghz and illustrate gyroresonance phenomenon. The technic is based on s parameters of the magnetic materials via a network analyzer and a probe tester. Polder’s model is used to calculate the differents elements of the permeability tensor, which consider the ferrite at its saturated state. Keywords- Ferrites; Ferrites Thin Film; Permeability Tensor.