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Experimental Performance and Emission Characteristics Measurement of Esterified Cottonseed and Maize Oil Blends With Diesel by Using Variable Compression Ratio Diesel Engine

Now a days demand for fossil fuel is highly increasing due to technological progress and high economic growth. But these fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources which cannot be reproduced and it will be deleted one day. Among these fossil fuels, petroleum products are being used vastly than natural gas and coal, so it will be depleted faster than natural gas and coal. Vegetable oils have properties closer to diesel oils so it can be used as an alternative for diesel oil. But due to the high viscosity of these oils it cannot be used directly in a diesel engine. In this research the performance on Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) single cylinder diesel engine, studies of important performance parameters of the engine such as BrakeThermalEfficiencyandSpecificfuelconsumption and emission characteristics of the engine were carried out. Investigations have been carried out for studyingthefuelpropertiesof esterified Cottonseed, Maize oilanditsblendswithdiesel from10to100 %byvolume. Variouspropertiesofth e cottonseed and Maize oil methylesteranditsblendsare evaluatedusingASTMstandardsandcompared with thatofconventional diesel fuel.Enginetestswerecarriedoutwiththeaimofobtainingcomparative measuresoftorque,brakepower,specificfuelconsumption, brakethermalefficiency,emissionsandcomputethe performanceofthedieselengine runningonCottonseed andmaize oilanditsblendswithdiesel.After experimentation it is concluded that, volumetric efficiency, brake thermal efficiency of cottonseed and maize oil as compared to diesel is same at a higher compression ratio, but vary when the compression ratio decreases. Also at lower compression ratio maize oil blend creates more noise than diesel. Fuel consumption when it is diesel is less as compared to cottonseed oil and maize oil because of variation in fuel viscosity. As the load increases, Nitrogen Oxide emission of engine increases, whereas hydrocarbon emission of engine decreases. Keywords - Biodiesel, Compression Ratio, Esterified Cottonseed & Maize Oil, VCR Engine