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Study of Flow of Liquid Through Blow Off Cock

The main objective of this paper is to design a Blow off cock with varying valve cross sections and study its flow over varying cross sectional valve because in application tapered cross sectional valves are used in blow off cock. But due to usage of tapered plug, port is reduced and the pressure applied on the valve increases. We can expect increase in stress. In order to perform the flow analysis of the Blow off cock using Fluent flow, a Blow off cock is modeled using Solid Works 2014. Finally the model is exported to analysis platform ANSYS for carrying out the required analysis for Blow off cock with taper and modified cross sections. Flow analysis is performed to observe the flow across different cross sections. With the given input velocity and the flow of the Blow off cock is determined. From the results obtained in analysis, a comparison is made between Taper and modified cross sections (Ellipse, Circle, Square). Keywords: Design, Analysis, Blow off Cock, Solid Works, Ansys, Fluent Hypermesh