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No-Wait Flowshop Scheduling Problem With Two Criteria

The m-machine no-wait flowshop scheduling problem is investigated with respect to two criteria. The objective is to minimize make span such that mean completion time is less than a certain value. A dominance relation is provided for a special case of the problem, and two new algorithms are presented for the general problem. Extensive computational analysis are conducted to evaluate the performance of the newly proposed two algorithms. The analysis shows that one of the proposed algorithms (eSA) reduces the error of the previously best known algorithm for the problem (HH1) by more than two-thirds while the computational time of HH1 is one-third more than that of eSA. Furthermore, the computational analysis also shows that the other proposed algorithm (eHH) reduces the error of HH1 by more than three-thirds while both eHH and HH1 have the same computational time. All the results have been statistically verified. Keywords- Scheduling, no-wait flowshop, algorithm, multi-criteria