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3D Printing Manufacture Technology of Ignitor Tip Component Applied to Power Plant Industry

3D printing technology is an additive manufacturing method of fabricating a structural shape that is difficult to manufacture by conventional processing methods. This technology has been studied in various industrial fields because it can be integrated by modularization of the parts manufactured by machining method. However, since the manufacturing cost and the equipment are expensive, the industrial benefit is still limited. In this paper, we present the results of the study on the ignitor tip, which is a part of the power plant field, which is suitable for applying 3D printing technology because it has a high price characteristic and a complicated shape structure internally. The ignitor tip consists of three component parts with various functions in each part. And the connecting plate that the mixed fuel could rotate and spray is assembled so that the flame can be injected uniformly. But this part causes problems that are worn by vibration and rotation because it is mechanically assembled between the mixing part and the inject part. In this study, 3D printing method is used to integrate a connecting plate and an inject part to solve this wear problem. In this study, the ignitor tip, which was divided into three parts, was integrated with two parts. We have identified key manufacturing process parameters for integrating parts using the 3D printing method. Also, it was able to solve the problem of abrasion during operation of connecting plate which is a main problem factor. Index terms- 3D printing, Metal powder, Powder bed fusion, Ignitor tip, power plant, Reverse engineering.