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Structure Optimization and 3D Printing Manufacture Technology of Pull Cord Switch Components

Recently 3D printing technology is applied to make a concept model and working mockup of the industrial application. But this technology has a limitation to apply in the industrial product by reason of materials and reliability of 3D printed product. In this study, components of full cord switch module are proposed as a case of the 3D printed component that can be used as a substitute for a short period. These are hub-driven and lever lockup components that have a structural characteristic of breaking down frequently in the emergency operating status. In order to make sure of the structural strength for a substitute period, the research of structure optimization was performed because 3D printing technology has a limitation to use various materials. After optimizing the structure variables of hub-driven component, reasonable results can be drawn that the safety factors of left and right switching mode are 1.243(+153.67%) and 3.156(+404.96%). Lever lockup component has a structural weak point to be broken down easily on the lockup-part because of a cantilever shape and bending moment. The rib structure is applied to decrease the deflection. And the optimization of the structural variables was perfo