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A Review on Evolution and Categorization of Robotic Grippers

The main object of this report is to study and analyze the evolution of Robotic grippers and its categorization based upon the usage. The evolution of the grippers needs to be properly studied and analyzed so as to draw conclusions on future applications of the grippers in different fields as well as to categorize them according to the industry where they need to be employed. Its types including Servo Grippers, Universal Grippers and Pneumatic Grippers have made headlines today for their breathtakingly innovative applications in areas like prosthetics, high risk medical surgeries, automobile industry and space travel. The end effector must be designed for a specific application. Tasks that appear simple to humans, such as picking up objects of different shape and sizes, can be extremely complicated for robots. Hence, a proper research on the evolution and classification of robotic grippers ought to be done, in order to realize the full potential of robotic technology. Keywords - End Effector, Pneumatic Grippers, Servo Motors, Universal Grippers