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Design of a Headset-compatible Wearable Neck Posture Monitoring Device

In these days, neck diseases related to bad daily posture has risen to be one of the major symptoms that people are suffering from. Not to mention, the best method to deal with such ailment is staving it off by keeping desirable posture in a daily routine. Acknowledging the difficulties of maintaining correct posture for a long period, we suggest an original way not only to help people do it but also to let people check their neck condition in terms of muscle contraction. This paper reports a neck monitoring device which monitors neck postures and state of surrounding muscles to alert the user of bad posture. By Integrating electromyography(EMG) and inertia measurement unit(IMU) with Bluetooth headset, we found that neck posture and myotonus of neck muscles could be faithfully monitored without significantly increasing inconvenience. Moreover, a rubber sheet attached to the system greatly increased practicality by eliminating the needs to keep EMG pad adhesive. When it comes to data processing, real-time data obtained from both sensors is processed through Arduino, and visualization is implemented with Processing. Index Terms— Electromyography, Forward head posture, Inertia measurement unit, Neck posture monitoring device.