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Future Inexpensive Geothermal Energy as Compared to Other Energy Sources

Recent human development has been based on the use of the energy resources, especially those of fossil origin (oil, gas, coal, etc.), which are not infinite and cause damage to ecosystems. Because their burning causes the global warming, which threatens the continuity of life in the planet, it is of paramount importance to make a transition to other alternative sources of energy, that do not contribute to global warming. Based mainly on the use of a fundamental parameter called energy returned in inverted energy or energy return on investment (EROI), we can state that, except for geothermal energy, the main non-polluting alternative energy sources have low values of EROI compared to current EROI values of oil and gas. Furthermore, the main non-polluting alternative energy sources cannot contribute significantly to satisfy the global energy demand and are also adversely affected by the consequences of global warming. From these facts, we could expect in the long run a renewed emphasis on enhanced (stimulated or hot dry rock) geothermal energy sources due to technological advances in deep drilling and the availability of this kind of energy 365 days per year and 24 hours of a day. Keywords- Energy Return On Investment (EROI), Enhanced Geothermal Energy, Fossil Fuels, Ecosystems