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Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System For Cold Storage & Power Generation In Automobiles Using Exhaust Gas

Abstract- The possibility of exploiting waste heat from the automobiles has been of great significance in view of ever increasing energy demand and environmental constraints. Waste heat utilization for the production of power and cooling simultaneously helps in reducing problems related to global environment, such as greenhouse effect from CO2 emission due to the combustion of fossil fuels in engines, and the use of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants which is currently thought to affect depletion of the ozone layer. Thus to overcome these issues we bring out a new system where the maximum utilization of the exhaust energy can be used. In this proposed cogeneration system Li-Br-water absorption system is used along with the thermionic power generation in a mini trucks used for transporting sea foods and cold storages. Required tonne of refrigeration is available using our proposed system. In order to utilize the waste heat coming out from the automobile exhaust, this system is employed. Additional heat available from the generator is used to generate power by thermionic cycle, which is stored in the battery and used for secondary purposes. Results also show that this proposed cogeneration cycle have better exergy and thermal efficiency. The fuel efficiency also increases without much drop in the output power of the engine. This proposed system is economical, eco- friendly and also have good future scope.