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Fatigue Analysis Of Face-To-Face T-Joints In Mild Steel Using Structural Hot Spot Stress Method

Abstract- Fatigue is actually weakening of material caused due to cyclic loading i.e. repeatedly applied loads. It is of prime concern as a material can undergo progressive and localized structural damage due to this. Welding is the most effective and widely used joining technique for metallic structures due to its applicability to most of the geometric configurations and the principle failure mode in weld is fatigue cracking. In today's world where durability is of prime concern in anything, this definitely can't be overlooked. Through this paper, an analysis into the fatigue life of simple face-to-face T-Joints made of mild steel using FEA (finite element analysis) is done. Although there are methods to analyze this, but this analysis and assessment is done by using structural hot spot stress approach. This study is of prime importance because mild steel is the most commonly used material especially in developing countries such as India and face-to-face T-Joints are found in most of the welded structures