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Riser Design Optimization Based On Feeding Rules Using 3d Cad Modeling And Casting Simulation

Abstract- Riser is one of the important component of the feeding system as it is essential to obtain defect free sound casting which is the basic requirement of the customer. Initially risers are designed using past experience and judgment of patternmaker. Using trial and error method after various iterations, sound casting is obtained, this process is time consuming as well as wastage of resources in each trial. As riser is cut off and recycled it must consume minimum metal if it consuming more metal the associated cost such as recycling cost, transport cost, re- melting cost will be higher and results in lower casting yield and lower productivity. A well-designed risering system is very important to secure good quality and higher yield. In this paper casting of brake disc is analyzed and studied to solve the problem of lower casting yield. The risers are analyzed using theoretical knowledge and casting simulation. There after the risers for brake disc are redesigned based on feeding rules, conventional method and casting simulation. The various models of risers are made, then 3D CAD model of casting with these modified risers are simulated to analyze effectiveness of modified risers. Analyzing the various modified riser and the most suitable design is selected so as it will give the sound quality of casting with the higher casting yield, profit and productivity.