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Hazardous Gas Detecting Rescue Robot In Coal Mines

Abstract- Rescue operation in coal mine is extremely dangerous due to several factors. It is particularly very harmful for the rescuers to get into the coal mine tunnel in disaster without the prior knowledge of environment because the subsequent explosions may likely to occur at any time it is therefore essential to detect the explosive environment details such as toxic gases, high temperatures and also to perform a visual inspection of miners, trapped in collapsed tunnel through a wireless camera. These details will help the rescuers to make a preparatory plan and to equip themselves for carrying the rescue operation defensively. This paper designs a rescue robot for coal mines. It is composed of a mechanism to bear the rest of the subsystems and also to assist the locomotion, a control system to control and a communication system to transfer the environment data acquired through the camera and other sensors. Also it can carry some food and medicine to the miners trapped in the disaster. With the help of this mobile robot, we reduce the loss due to coal mine disaster and efficient rescue operation can be carried out. Keywords- Mobile Robot, Coal mine, Rescue, Self Localization, Sensors.