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Influence Of Cross-Sectional Area Of A Dynamic Magnifier For Vibration Energy Harvesting

Abstract- Vibration energy harvesting using ambient vibrations is gaining importance day by day due to the search for alternative energy generators for small electronic devices. Cantilever beams with piezoelectric actuators mounted on it as unimorph or bimorph structures are often used for this purpose. When these systems are vibrated, the strain produced in the piezoelectric actuators will be directly proportional to the amount of energy generated. If a structure vibrates at its resonant frequency, the strain produced will be maximum and therefore more power can be generated. A Dynamic Magnifier enhances the induced strain in the energy harvesters and thereby helps to fit more modal frequencies in narrow bandwidth. In this paper, the effect of different cross-sections of the Dynamic Magnifier on vibration energy harvesting is studied; the modal frequencies of piezoelectric cantilever beam with and without magnifier are described. The results clearly showed that as the cross-sectional area decreases, the natural frequencies fall in a smaller range and the efficiency of a vibration energy harvester can be enhanced. The best cross section of the Magnifier beam is identified in the end. Keywords- Dynamic Magnifier, Energy Harvester.