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Study On Various Losses In Processes & To Reduce The Wastage-Case Study Of Steelco Gujarat Ltd.

Abstract- There are numerous industries dealing with sheet metal production, hot rolling, cold rolling of sheets, galvanizing, and subordinate processes like cutting, trimming, cleaning etc. on steel sheets. Steelco Gujarat Pvt. Ltd. is one of such industries, which is dealing with finishing of raw steel sheets, reducing gauge and producing annealed, galvanized and corrugated sheets. During these processes large losses occur resulting in loss of precious metal, energy and time, ultimately leading to large economic losses to company as well as nation. Our attempts are based to study and reduce such losses occurring in production as well as processes of production by use of advanced production techniques compared to conventional methods. This will lead to better product quality with minimum possible losses, help in reducing processing cost and support energy conservation. Keywords- Sheet Metal Processing, Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Galvanizing, Trimming, Pickling, Losses.