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Wear And Coefficient Of Friction Characteristics Of Asbestos & Cnt Reinforced Friction Material

Abstract- The present invention relates to a friction material surfaces and components thereof. The invention further relates to friction developed in clutches or brakes. A friction material has a resin amount distribution that is the largest at a portion near non-friction surface.Friction materials are applicable for braking and transmission in various machines and equipment. Their composition keeps changing to keep pace with technological development and environmental/legal requirements. As per available literature, asbestos has been used as a friction material because of its good physical and chemical properties. The friction material is made by molding and curing process with a composition of iron fibers, phenol formaldehyde, Asbestos & Carbon Nanotubes as the major ingredient. Phenol resin is used as a binder in preparing the friction material. The graphite is inseparably contained in the mixture of cashew Nut shell liquid and based on the experiments the material shows a high frictional coefficient and reduced wear rate when compared with the literature available.