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Aspects Of Shot Blasting Over Pickling For Metal Drawing Process

Abstract- In this paper we have tried to introduce the new advancement in metal drawing process. Metal drawing is a comprehensive technique which needs accuracy in the apprehension of working for higher order and its rectification. It is being the basic foundation to the vast automobile industry in India, needs to be filtered with new trends to increase quality and to reduce cost related to it. Metal drawing traditionally is a process with several steps which are complicated and tedious. In spite of several precautions there are lot of health hazards related to it. Thus, there arises the need for development of system for metal drawing which are eco-friendly, optimal, less time consuming and with better quality. The aim of present work is to validate the use of shot blasting process over pickling process as a part of metal drawing. We have tried to validate shot blasting over aspects like quality, cost, time consumption, scrap quantity and environment friendliness. Mild steel is the material used for metal drawing. Data has been collected for cost analyzing and time consumption for both the processes after regular survey in various industries and represented through graphs and chart to show the difference in the above two processes of metal drawing. The data depicts that out of the two processes, shot blasting is best technique for metal drawing in all the aspects. Final conclusion was drawn to justify the correct procedure for metal drawing.