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Reliability Analysis of a Process Plant using Fuzzylambda-Tau (λ-τ) Methodology

The fact that the reliability of a system or a sub-system of a production unit is influenced by various factors such as uncertainty, over load of work, unforeseen circumstances etc. is crucial and hence it becomes complex to evaluate, forecast and anticipate the cause which might occur in the system. This paper mainly focuses on the reliability analysis of a process industry (Centrifugal pump production) and provides a framework which gives an overall view to understand the system’s environment. The study has used Fuzzy Lambda-Tau technique (FLT) with Petri Net (PN) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) to analysis the system. The defuzzification values at different spread 15%, 25% and 60% of the current crisp value in the system predicts the trend which provides clear scenario for further work. The results are helpful to the system analyst to analyze the behavior of the system and to plan an appropriate maintenance policy for improving the system performance. Keywords - Fault tree analysis, Petri net, Fuzzy lambda tau, Mean time between failure, Reliability