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Profile Design and Volumetric Efficiency Analysis of Gerotor Pumps For AWD Vehicles

This paper presents a newly designed profile (K-floid) for a gerotor pump, which is applied for transmission lubricating system of All Wheel Drive vehicles. Nowadays gerotor pumps are increasingly widely applied on lubricating system due to their compact size and low cost. However, volumetric efficiency is an important specification for gerotor pump application. Volumetric efficiency of the newly designed profile is compared with those of the conventional trochoidal profile and the combined trochoidal profile via CFD simulation. Simulation results indicate that the proposed K-floid profile can achieve higher volumetric efficiency than other profiles. Index terms- Gerotor pump, Profile design, K-floid, Volumetric efficiency, All Wheel Drive (AWD), Electric Oil Pump (EOP).