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Computational Approach to Design the High-Speed Dental Air-Turbine Hand piece

The high-speed dental air-turbine handpieces are widely used in the dentistry as a tool for cutting and drilling a tooth. The advanced existing high-speed dental air-turbine handpieces were investigated to design the high performance dental air-turbine handpiece. The coupler and air-turbine of the dental air-turbine handpiece was designed using computational analysis. The computational domain of the air-turbine was investigated using ANSYS CFX software. The prototype of the designed handpiece was manufactured and the results were verified through the measurement and the preclinical test. The results showed that the newly designed handpiece had no significant difference in performance when compared with other existing advanced dental handpieces. Index terms: Air-turbine hand piece, ANSYS CFX, Concave type blade, Coupler, Torque