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The Study on The Effects of Mechanical Properties on Thickness and Orientation Woven E-Glass/Epoxy Laminate Composite

Composite material is also known as a combination of two or more distinct materials, having a recognizable interface between them. Composites are being utilized as viable alternatives to metallic materials in structures where weight is a major consideration, e.g., aerospace structures, high speed boats and trains. The composite strength is basically due to the ability to absorb more energy to failure. Not necessarily all composite structure can be destroyed and absorb energy. Strength of materials to accommodate the load in a system plays an important role in everyday life. Therefore the research is to identify effects of mechanical properties on thickness and orientation woven E-glass/epoxy laminate composite. Hardness Test and Charpy Impact Test were carried out based on ASTM D2240 and ASTM D-6110, for laminate woven E-glass fiber epoxy composite the thickness is 3mm and 6mm. Based on the Mechanical Testing conducted, it is found that the orientation of 90 for 12 layers and the orientation of 45 for 12 layers are having the highest Hardness and Toughness properties. Keywords: E-glass, Epoxy, Thickness, Mechanical properties Hardness Test, Charpy Impact Test, Izod Impact Test.