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Vibration Behavior of a Stiffened and Unstiffenned Missile Shield by using FEA

The aerospace industries widely use shell structures especially cylindrical shells. Missile shield is one of the components of the missile used for controlling the missile and guiding it to a target. The missile shield is a cylindrical shell structures. The study of vibrations on cylindrical shell structures is an successful application of missile bodies. The required maneuvering force was generated by the missile shield near the center of gravity. The strength of missile depends upon the free vibration characteristics of missile shell. In this project the main focus is on the free vibration characteristics of stiffened and unstiffened missile shields. The analysis is carried out mainly in two parts. First, the unstiffened missile shield is modeled and the free vibration problem is analyzed. Then the missile shield is stiffened with ring stiffeners and the free vibration problem of the stiffened missile shield is studied. NX-CAD and ANSYS software’s are used to do modeling and analysis respectively. Hyper mesh is used to generate finite element model of the missile shield. Keywords - NX-CAD, HYPERMESH, ANSYS WORKBENCH, MISSILE COMPONENTS