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Design and Development of Solar Water Pump

Renewable energy is collected from natural resources like solar, wind, thermal, tidal. Solar energy is one of the most beneficial resources for electricity generation with zero emission. Solar energy is obtained from conversion of solar radiation into electrical energy by means of either solar photovoltaic cell or solar concentrator. Photovoltaic cell converts solar energy into electrical energy by photovoltaic effect. Solar concentrator concentrates solar radiation by means of mirrors or reflectors. Solar energy has been utilized for generation of electricity more than 8 hours on an average day span. Solar water pump run on photovoltaic panels. Solar water pump is designed especially for remote location.It is emerging source for pupping, irrigation.Solar water pump is mainly depends on two parameters: Ground water potential and solar radiation during the day. This research work contains development of 3 kilowatt solar water pump for irrigation. Discharge (output) has been recorded for different time of day span, different interval of month according to season (winter, summer, and monsoon). Output of this system varies throughout the day. It is observed that discharge (Flow rate) is increased with intensity of solar radiation. Discharge is compare with domestic electric pump. In most of the case discharge of solar water pump is higher than electric pump at same head. Solar water pump is more appropriate for water pumping due to its low operational cost, low maintenance cost over diesel pump and electrical pump especially for remote area. Index terms - Solar pump, submersible pump, discharge, irrigation, remote area