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Air & Sound Pollution - Solution for Automobiles

The usage of automobile has been increased tremendously in last decade. Higher usage of automobile leads to increase air pollution, sound pollution and emission to the environment. Pollution is the most challenging problem of our society. It creates various negative impacts on environment as well as human body. Negative impacts turn into hazardous diseases. Exhaust system design of automobile is a prime parameter to control the air pollution. Noise pollution and air pollution is major concern for the pollution. Pollution level along with noise level had been measured of two metropolis for analysis. “Aqua-Silencer” is an auxiliary device for a vehicle which will helpful to reduce the level of emission at a time of exhaust. This device works on the principle of absorbing the sound with the help of porous property of water. From the literature survey, it has been carried out that water has porous structure in molecular view. Sound trapped in this porous and hence it reduced the sound level. The porous property tends to solve the problem of noise pollution only, but the air pollution is significant problem than the sound pollution. To solve the air pollution problem suitable liquid has been found, which is higher denser than air. Liquid circulated inside the silencer by pump and due to its higher density, it absorbs the emission particles. Prototype has been made and tested with vehicle for actual results. Existing silencer design and Aqua silencer design compared with the help of P.U.C. results. In most of the case we found that the sound level is decreased up to 30 decibels while emission reduced up to 20 % to 30 %. This fruitful result of aqua silencer will be helpful to make a globe green again. Index terms - Air pollution, noise pollution, perforated pipe, Aqua silencer.