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Innovative Bolt Design

Nut & Bolt are being simply used to faster two different parts of Machine equipments. The bolts size are dependent upon the requirement of strength for the proper tightness of the joint. According to the strength requirement the suitable material is used for manufacturing. The nut and bolt goes for further after working process to tackle various physical conditions of environment like corrosion compressive and tensile stress. We had developed a innovative bolt design, A design which eliminates the various common drawback of current conventional design of bolt. We have develop a internal and external threaded bolt design, which is having high resistance to vibration. More number of threads for high strength and low fastening time required compared to conventional design with same number of thread. These feature enables the innovative bolt design for various different application like It can be used in aerospace industries, where low weight and high strength is prime requirement, heavy duty machine where the vibration at high speed is an issue, automobile for the compact design and many more. Index terms - Shank, Internal thread, External thread.