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Casting Defect Reduction Using Shainin Tool In Ci Foundry – A Case Study

Abstract- Production of casting involves various processes like pattern making, moulding and assembly, core making and melting etc. A casting defect may be result of a single cause or a combination of causes. The single castings have one or more defects. These can be minimized by taking corrective actions in the tools like pattern, mould making, core making and melting process. This paper presents a systematic procedure to identify as well as to analyze major casting defects. Defects are responsible for time waste, money and eventually they affect productivity adversely. The defects need to be diagnosed correctly for appropriate remedial measures; otherwise new defect may get introduced. The proper classification and identification of particular defect is basic need to correct and control quality of casting. Keeping rejection to a bare minimum is essential to improve the yield and increase the effective capacity of the foundry unit and also improve the productivity. This paper indentifies two major defects slag and porosity. There are many reasons to generate these defects. So it preferably necessary to reduce it as much as possible by appropriate analysis of the defects which includes the root cause analysis so that actual reasons behind occurring the defects can be find out to make the corrective action. In this paper use six sigma technique and Shainin tool for indentify and analysis casting defect. Shainin tool works on elimination principle. Final result of this work has to be reducing slag and porosity defect by taking corrective action. Tool should be identifying the sources of variation clearly.