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Effect of Nanobarium Titanate Addition on the Surface Characteristics of Denture Base Resin

The effects of nanobarium titanate (NBT) on the hardness and roughness of denture base nanocomposites before and after soaking in simulated body fluid (SBF) were evaluated. NBT was modified using a titanate coupling agent (TCA). Various concentrations of titanated NBT were impregnated, and pure denture base resin comprised the control group. Surface hardness and surface roughness were investigated after 60 days of immersion in SBF. Polymerization shrinkage was also evaluated. The titanated samples displayed higher surface hardness by 21.5% and 29% in dry and wet environment, respectively, compared with the control group. Surface roughness was not affected by the filler and humidity. However, a remarkable decrease in polymerization shrinkage was observed as filler loading increased. Improving the smoothness in the aqueous environment could potentially inhibit bacteria maturation and biofilm formation on denture base nanocomposites, leading to hygienically acceptable dentures. In addition, hydrolytic stability of restorative composites is important for their clinical longevity. Index Terms- Dental materials, Hardness, Roughness, Nanoparticles.