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Optimization Approach for Calibrating Emission Characteristics along with the Performance Characteristics based on Grey Taguchi Approach for a Single Cylinder GDI Engine

The idea of internal combustion engine was developed far back in 17th century when Christiaan Huygens used gunpowder to drive water pumps, to pump water for the Versailles palace gardens, then in 1860 Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir converted steam engine to Spark Ignition Engine, but present day only manufacturing these engines is not the issue, the greatest issue is to make these engines up to the desired standards of BSFC, Emissions and other requirements that could met the present day Legislative (Pollution Mandates) and Market (Economy)needs . The Engines are the main source of GHG emissions, Carbon Monoxide is mainly released in gasoline engines due to partly burnt fuel, The loosing of little amount of un-burnt fuel or power for the sake of knocking leads to increase in co emissions. The Gasoline direct injection engines have a good potential to reduce the CO emissions in the emission spectra of the gasoline engines. Efforts are made in the present study is done on the gasoline direct injection engine for optimizing the timing of injection and other injection parameters for the optimal emissions and having good efficiency as that of a diesel Engine on working at part load. The Optical Access is also utilized for the verification of combustion characteristics by capturing the Images of combustion. Index Terms - GDI Engine, Optical Access, Soot Particles, BSFC NO x, CO, Optimization.