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Preparation of PAO Mixed Fuel for Combustion and The NOX Emission Characteristics from Industrial Diffusion Burner

Palm acid oil (PAO) utilization for combustion fuel is studied. PAO is finally produced after refinement of palm oil and it contains a lot of free fatty acid which prevents transesterification to make bio diesel fuel. In this study, ultrasonic wave is irradiated to PAO, which is mixed into diesel fuel with solvent, to atomize the insoluble particle diameter in the mixed fuel. PAO which contains 40% or 80% free fatty acid (FFA) are examined. PAO dispersed in the PAO mixed fuels (Diesel :70%, PAO:20%, Solvent:10%) made by 40% or 80% FFA sample are different in distribution of the particle diameter. With / without ultrasonic irradiation and FFA contents have an effect on deposition of PAO in the mixed fuel at low temperature. However, it is difficult to prevent deposition in this mixing ratio regardless of FFA contents. PAO mixed fuels used by an industrial diffusion burner produce NOx emission. Both mixed fuels show lower NOx concentration than diesel fuel in several experimental conditions, where it is found the NOx reduction will depend on fuel property in addition to temperature. Keywords- Palm Acid Oil, Free Fatty Acid, Fuel Modification, Diffusion Burner Combustion, NOx Emission.