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Noise Source Identification Of Vacuum Cleaner Using Sound Pressure-Velocity (Pu) Probe

Noise is unwanted sound that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance. It is well known that the noise produced by vacuum cleaner is very loud and it is a common problem which needs to be address since it can disrupt individual’s comfortable hearing and concentration and while carrying out daily activities. In this paper, a series of measurement techniques was applied to diagnose the location of noise source. Sound Pressure Level and Sound Pressure- Velocity (PU) Probe equipment are used in the experiment to diagnose the location of noise source at the back, front, left, and right view of the vacuum cleaner.The technique is more efficient, making the noise identification process easier to facilitate the elimination of noise since it is easier to diagnose and locate the source of noise of vacuum cleaner. The 1/3 octave band data of the back, front, left, and right side view of vacuum cleaner are computed. Thenintensity measurement is presented in the form of noise mapping for each view. Based on the experimental results, the frequency and the dominant noise source of each view is identified. Keywords- Pressure-Velocity, PU, Noise Source, Vacuum Cleaner, Sound Pressure Level, Scan and Paint.