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Active Noise Cancellation in The Rectangular Enclosure Systems

The interior active noise control (ANC) is essential to be explore because it is significant for automobile manufacturer to design noise control systems and interior noise treatments in the automobiles system. In this research, experimental work undertaken for cancelling an active noise in the rectangular enclosure. The rectangular enclosure was fabricated with multiple speakers and microphones inside the enclosure. A software program using digital signal processing is implemented to evaluate the proposed method. Noise is generated by using multi-speaker inside the enclosure and microphones are used for noise measurements. At the end of this research, the result of output noise before and after cancellation are presented and discussed. On the basis of the findings presented in this research, an active noise cancellation in the rectangular enclosure is worth exploring in order to improve the noise control technologies. Keywords- interior noise control, active noise cancellation, rectangular enclosure, digital signal processing.