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Performance Evaluation of Shear-Wall on Existing Irregular Building under Seismic Loadings

The present paper deals with the performance evaluation of shear-wall in reducing the structural response of existing irregular building subjected to earthquake loadings. For evaluating the effectiveness of shear wall, seismic analysis was conducted on the structure with and without shear-wall. Seismic analysis like Linear Static Analysis, Response Spectrum Analysis and Time History Analysis has been performed in STAAD Pro V8i to obtain the response of the building under various loading. Effect of static load and live load along with dynamic response under the above mentioned analysis methods have been meticulously analyzed. After analyzing the results, it was observed that dynamic analysis of any irregular structure of height more than 12 m, located at vulnerable seismic zones like zone IV and V is very essential for safe design consideration since the same with static analysis does not produce the critical design parameters. It has also been observed that implementation of shear wall on the structure is more significant and effective to reduce its seismic response. Keywords - Structural Response, Linear Static Analysis, Response Spectrum, Time History, Shear-wall.