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Design and Development of UAV using 3-D Printing Technique for Survellience in Military Operations and Disaster Conditions

UAVs (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) are such kind of aircrafts in which the pilot is not onboard for flying. This paper deals with the designing and manufacture of an autonomous Unmanned Ariel Vehicle.The drone is designed as an X-shaped quadcopter that houses camera with a wireless transmission system that provides live feed from the cameras to the ground station. Our approach uses a camera with gimbal to send the live data of the desired location to the ground station. It also intended to be able to carry a payload for future developments. It is propelled by four propellers connected to motors. The control is achieved by changing the pitch and/or rotation rate of any of the rotor disc. The UAV is completely autonomous with barometers, onboard compass, and GPS which help it in navigation system. In this project, we develop a system that enables a quadcopter to localize and navigate autonomously to a desired destination and at the same time can be used for surveillance. The designing is carried out using CAD (catia V5) software. The frame of quadcopter is 3-D printed using ABS (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-Styrene) and PLA (Polylactic Acid) which are strong, light weight and higher temperature resistant material. The specialty of the model is that very less drag will be experienced by it since all the wiring and avionic instruments would be packed inside the structure of model. Keywords- Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, gimbal, propellers, autonomous, 3D printing, ABS, PLA.