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CFD Analysis of Pressure Coefficient for NACA 4412 at Various Depths

Pressure coefficient of a shallowly submerged cambered hydrofoil near free surface is simulated numerically in this research. The standard NACA 4412 hydrofoil section is used for thissimulation. A commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code FLUENT based on finite volume technique is used for the analysis of the two-dimensional hydrofoil section. To get the pressure coefficient, ‘Volume of Fluid’ (VOF) method is incorporated in numerical simulation. Then pressure coefficients are computed for different submergence depth ratios, h/c ranging from 1 to 5. Variation of pressure coefficientsis plotted in the form of a dotted curve for Fn=1, and Re=3.11x 106in different h/c ratios. Keywords - Pressure Coefficients, Drag coefficient, Liftcoefficient, Hydrofoil, Computational domain