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Applications of Ultrasound in Meat Industry

Ultrasound is an innovative and green technology that has attracted attention for its contribution to environmental sustainability. Ultrasound offers an advantage in terms of productivity, performance and quality of processed foods. The ultrasound technique with the most potential for applications in the meat industry is power ultrasound, which could be an enabling technology for the production of safe, high-quality meat products. The benefits of using ultrasound in this context are not clear, mainly because the research is limited. This review presents an overview of the progress that has been made on the use of ultrasound for applications in the meat industry. Emphasis is placed on the effects on quality and technological properties such as texture, water retention, color, curing, marinating, cooking yield, freezing, thawing and microbial inhibition. It can be concluded that ultrasound is a useful tool for the meat industry as it helps in tenderisation, accelerates maturation and mass transfer, reduces cooking energy and increases shelf life of meat without affecting other quality properties. Index terms- Antimicrobial, emerging technologies, mass transfer, meat, ultrasound, tenderisation.