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Interfacial Behaviour of a Glued Bi-Material Structure - Recycled Beam and PZT Layer

In the presented paper the interface behavior of a glued intelligent bi-material structure composed of recycled concrete beam and piezoelectric material (PZT layer) is investigated. Closed form analytical solutions for the interfacial shear and peeling stresses are obtained for a given crack with initial length and located between the adhesive interface and PZT layers. A parametric analysis is done via MATHEMATICA 10.4 and specially developed programs. The analysis takes into account the effect of geometry, material characteristics and loading type on the structure behavior. A novelty of the work is the consideration of a combination between piezoelectric and recycled building materials. The combined material proves to be particularly suitable and useful for energy-efficient constructions. In addition, the programs designed enable one to find directly the quantities sought and facilitate the parametric analysis. Index Terms— Adhesively bonded structures, Recycled Materials, Piezoelectric materials, Interfacial thermal stresses.