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Design and Construction of Wireless Charging Station for Small-Power Battery Car Using Inductive Coupling Technique

In this paper, technique of inductive coupling is used to demonstrate charging battery car wirelessly. Although conductive charging technology has been widely used in many electrical industries such as mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, battery-used electric devices till today, inductive charging technology is going to be another option to choose for consumers in not very far time. It is because inductive charging can give more reliable and flexible benefits since it can be used without a charging cord to plug-in. This paper outlines the proposed development of a wireless inductive charging system for battery cars. Prototype structure of wireless charging station and a small-power battery car are included in this project. The project is attempting to demonstrate that a charge can be received by a battery car when the car is on the inductive charging surface after parking in the right place. The project aims to develop wireless charging technology and it is also intended to give a message that how useful the plug-less battery car charging is by creating a proof of concept for inductive charging. Index terms - Battery car, Conductive charging, Charging station, Inductive charging.